Best Friends Animal Society

Among the many animal right and protection groups that Christine Hendler supports is the Best Friends Animal Society. Since its inception in the late 1980s, Best Friends has strived to protect the lives of animals around the country, drastically reducing the number of dogs and cats that shelters must euthanize. Best Friends instituted spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of pets needing homes and helped to place “unadoptable” animals in loving homes. At present, about 5 million cats and dogs lose their lives in shelters each year. While this number is much less than the former average of 17 million, Best Friends recognizes the need for more programming and continued progress in the battle to end the unfair treatment of man’s best friends. One of Best Friends’ fundamental initiatives sponsors public education through workshops, training programs, and conferences that encourage individuals around the United States to set up their own humane shelters. The organization also publishes Best Friends magazine, which boasts the largest readership of all American animal-related publications. Other programs provide disaster relief for animals in the United States and internationally after hurricanes, wars, or other catastrophic events. These events inevitably spike the number of homeless animals in need of loving care. An online resource created by the organization, the Best Friends Network, helps individuals forge their own shelter communities. Best Friends is directly responsible for the rehabilitation of tens of thousands of animals each year. Located at Angel Canyon in Southern Utah, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary provides shelter for about 2,000 animals at a time, arriving from shelters thousands of miles away for the expert care they can receive at the sanctuary. These animals receive physical and behavioral therapy from a staff of veterinarians, caregivers, and trainers so that they can quickly recuperate and find permanent homes. Extremely old or traumatized animals stay at the sanctuary for the remainder of their lives. For some inspiring views from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, watch the following video:

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