Beginner’s Guide to Wilderness Adventure, Part 2

Beginner’s Guide to Wilderness Adventure, Part 1

By: Christine Hendler

Our guide to wilderness fun and adventure ends with one last set of tips for “green” wilderness explorers.

Bring Proper Supplies, Wear Proper Clothing:

Given that all wilderness areas are different in regards to flora and fauna, you should research your intended area to learn what type of clothing and gear you should wear. Since you will be walking for hours, footwear is vital. Invest in footwear that is comfortable, protective, and, if you plan on crossing through wet areas, waterproof. Be sure to break in new footwear before taking a long hike to minimize blisters. As for supplies, bring along at least one fully stocked first aid kit. If you have room, bring two and ask another party member to carry the spare. The first aid kit should include means of treating exposure to plants, bug spray, and sunscreen, which should be applied every few hours. Find a map of the area to consult as you travel, and use a compass to stay on course. Do not rely only electronic devices for maps, as they may lose power or get damaged.

Heed the Weather:

Many a novice explorer has failed to pay close attention to weather reports, which can critically change plans at a moment’s notice. During the week leading up to your trip, watch the weather forecast and prepare to bring extra supplies, such as rain slickers and umbrellas.

Inform Someone of Your Location:

Even if you will be exploring and hiking in a large group, you should notify someone back home of essential trip details: where you are going, how to reach you while you are there, and when you will return. Bring along your cell phone if possible, or make sure at least one person in your party has access to a phone so you can contact the proper authorities should someone in your party become lost or injured while you are in the wilderness.

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