Habitat for Horses

Christine Hendler believes that all creatures deserve humane treatment and a comfortable place to live. A staunch supporter of advocacy efforts, Christine Hendler backs organizations that save livestock and build habitats for endangered or abused species. As a longtime ally of Habitat for Horses, an equine protection agency, she donates to sanctuaries for wild and abused horses and education and outreach programs aimed at teaching others about the cruelties some horses endure.

Based in Galveston County, Texas, Habitat for Horses maintains a 27-acre ranch where dozens of emancipated horses live. Active in equine seizures across the country, Habitat for Horses oversees more than adopted horses located at foster farms in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. In recent months, Habitat for Horses has engaged in a number of efforts ranging from major seizures to legislative lobbying. In December 2010, Habitat for Horses played a key role in a civil seizure outside Galveston, Texas, where 13 horses, a mule, and a sheep were appropriated to ensure the health of the animals and to determine suitable custody of the creatures. In October 2010, Habitat for Horses and other animal rights groups filed a lawsuit against Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. The plaintiffs include Habitat for Horses, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The Cloud Foundation, and several individuals. Together, they hope to cease the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) removal of wild horses from the North Piceance Herd Area in Colorado. Habitat for Horses is just one of several groups working to stop the BLM’s goal of rounding up and penning thousands of wild horses and burros. Learn more about Habitat for Horses, and the organization’s accomplishments, by visiting HabitatForHorses.org.

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