Preservation of Our Beaches, By Christine Hendler

Christine Hendler relishes any opportunity to connect with the sea. As such, she supports efforts to protect the oceans and the wildlife that inhabit it. The following tips represent a number of ways that you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier ocean.

1. Avoid using inflated balloons in festivals, parties, or other events. If these balloons get free, they often drift over the ocean before losing enough buoyancy to stay aloft. Eventually, they pollute the water and some fish mistake them as food. Once the plastic balloons are eaten, the fish cannot digest the plastic and will get sick.

2. When using six-packs of any kind of beverage, cut up the plastic holder that keeps the cans together. Every ring should be sliced open so that marine animals will not accidently become trapped with a ring over their head.

3. Participate in beach cleanups or community litter events. If you live in or nearby a coastal community, much of the loose trash left there will end up in the ocean. Be aware of your own impact and help to keep the beaches and coastal areas clean.

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