A Glimpse at Habitat for Horses by Christine Hendler

As someone committed to the welfare and well-being of animals, I am well aware of the need to address issues of neglect or abuse. I have always loved horses and they are on the most common victim of animal abuse and misfortune, either from the hands of their owners, or from natural disaster such as wildfires and floods. Habitat for Horses is an organization that I strongly support. They have a wonderful 27-acre ranch in Galveston County, Texas, and have hundred of enthusiastic volunteers all over the country.

Habitat for Horses not only seeks to rescue and adopt out horses in need, they also educate owners, investigate matters of neglect and/or abuse, and when necessary, assist law enforcement. In some cases, a person decides to keep ponies or horses unattended on their property in rural areas. What a person may not realize, however, is the amount of care and upkeep that is involved for one of these magnificent animals, from feeding to hoof care and dealing with ailments such as colic. Habitat for Horses deals with every imaginable situation and I urge you to visit their website. I am Christine Hendler, and this is my blog.

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