Be Careful What You Pray For

This week, I learned a profound lesson around this tried and true phrase.

I am a prayerful person.  I have also seen that “manifesting” is not just some simplistic New Age panacea but actually is a powerful force as I’ve seen miracle after miracle unfold in my life.  I’ve learned that setting an intention is also very effective.  So effective that one can set off some unseen consequences if one is not as clear as crystal with that intention.

Those who know me know that I attend daily a very challenging hot yoga fusion Vinyasa flow yoga class.  I jokingly call it “kick butt” yoga and I love it.  When class begins, music is playing and we are invited to get into “child’s pose”, unplug from our day, turn off “our story” and with forehead and heart touching the mat to “set our intentions”.  The intentions which have been changing my life for the past 9 months are “let go of that which doesn’t serve you” and “let go and let God”.

My mind, body and spirit have soared as I’ve practiced this yoga and set these intentions. BUT THEN I guess our Creator had a lesson for me….

…I have rejoiced to be in a place in my life where I can help others, mentor others, give back and give away.  So when a good friend of mine was going through a rough patch and was reluctant to ask for help, my “intention” became to allow them to open up enough to accept my help.  At first it was very positive and brought me great joy.  I would have moved heaven and earth to see this person reach their amazing potential.  I set my intention for this…The lesson was I was not really crystal clear in my intention and set into motion a series of events that led to the destruction of our friendship.  I needed that lesson although I’m very sorry that my bungling hurt our connection.

My lesson was this: When one prays, manifests or sets an intention it is vitally important to be clear in one’s heart and soul.  Because one WILL get what they pray for.  Intentions are POWERFUL.

I am humbled and will go back to the intention “letting go of that which doesn’t serve me” and continue to take great joy in helping others fulfill their ambitions and potentials.  Remember the old commercial “It isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature”? My sad experience will hopefully help readers to avoid the pitfalls of the powerful results of prayer and intention.

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