How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying?

Short answer.  It doesn’t happen.  I was thinking about our Director of Operations today as I train yet another class of new hires.  Five years ago he sat in my class,  a husband, father of three and a success in his former career.  When his family required that he not work such long and late hours, he came to us. 

I remember his interview.  He was solid, intelligent and accomplished. But he, just like all of us at my company, had to start at the very beginning.  It can be humbling when one has tremendous accomplishments to come once again to “the beginner mind”.

He did well in class, went through his tenure at the entry level and eventually was promoted into management.  It wasn’t a bed of roses.  He came up against many challenges:  difficult leaders when he was new, slower promotions than he would have liked, having to watch others get promoted before he was promoted.  But he quietly did his job and did it well.  When he was finally promoted to Manager, he really showed us what he could do.  He “knocked it out of the ball park”! He was eventually promoted to supervisor and when he, again, with hard work and diligence, showed us exemplary, above and beyond performance…we CREATED an upper management position for him.

He has continued to be our “right hand man” and is a “work horse” and NOW we don’t know how we ran this company without him.

I, too, had to start with a “beginner’s mind”.  Having been very accomplished in opera and classical music, in addition to having a full private voice studio in New York City, it was quite a transition to be at the beginning again.  But I “kept my eye on the prize”.  I didn’t look back but kept looking forward with humility and enthusiasm.  I never dreamed the rewards that lay in store for me.

How to succeed in business without really trying?  Just the title of a musical.  Real life success requires an open mind, not holding on to the past, humility, willingness to do what it takes with no demands…only the desire to show the business or company that YOU mean business and will pursue that success heart and soul.


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