The Answer is…”Yes”, “Not Yet” OR ” I Have Something Better In Mind”…


I am quoting the above from a tweet I read which said God gives us one of three answers to prayers:” Yes, not yet or I have something better in mind”. It is never “No” 🙂 I hadn’t thought of it like that and just that one tweet opened up a different way of looking at things.

I include a photo from my Georgia land as I begin this week to chronicle the changing colors that are going to go quickly now that the temperature has dropped here in the mountains. It is nowhere near the gorgeous photos I’m seeing in the blogs I follow but I put it there for a reason.

Leaves turn colors, release and fall because the new Spring leaves are already forming and pushing them off the tree.

(A simplistic explanation but it IS what is happening). It has caused me to ponder letting go. Something that can be so difficult for human beings.

As I’ve relayed in other blogs, at the beginning of my yoga classes, we set our intentions. Mine have been consistently to “Let go of that which doesn’t serve me”.

Today, I finally put these three pieces together. God isn’t saying “no” to that which I THINK I want…just “not yet” or “I have something better in mind”. If something doesn’t serve me and is not allowing me to act and feel like my best self why would I hold on to it? Fear, I guess. Fear that the thing I THINK I want is all there is.

But today, as I watched the leaves gracefully releasing their hold on the twigs and branches that keep them connected to the trees they grew on, I thought on the fact that the new leaves are already created, exist and they’re fresh and eventually will be a brand new beginning.

So, today, I release the things that are old, outworn, not serving my highest self and that have proven to be basically endlessly losing propositions. New leaves are already forming in the tree of my being-ness. God has said “Not yet” AND “I have something better in mind.”

I’m free. My old desires are gracefully and beautifully falling away. I am choosing consciously to let go of that which isn’t serving me and guess what? It feels WONDERFUL!!!!!

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