The Heart


The Heart has been a large theme in my life lately. There are definitely adventures of the heart to explore! The Heart is really quite astounding when one considers the definition: a “hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels to various parts of the body…principally composed of cardiac muscle and connective tissue…involuntary striated muscle tissue…”

It certainly doesn’t “feel” like that sometimes.

I have begun exploring the book, The Heart of Leadership by Mark Miller, with my supervisory staff at work. It is a superb yet simple book. A particular thought he presented stood out to me. “When we learn the HEART of leadership, we step into a world of possibilities. As the ancients believed, the heart is the source of all things. It may not be true biologically but it is certainly true where leaders are concerned.”

Running a parallel to my work life, my “kick butt” yoga practice has also been focusing on the heart. We’ve been doing lots of backbends 🙂 It is an amazing sensation when one’s heart is facing up to the sky, open and released. A quote regarding the Heart that my teacher read yesterday by Osho states, “Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust.”

In yoga and energy work we focus on the heart chakra rather than the muscle per se. It is green in energetic color, spins, opens and one can breath right into that spinning energy center and sensate remarkable sensations. I am particularly inspired by this as we move through Autumn in the northern hemisphere and endings are colored in the vibrant oranges, reds and browns of the leaves of the trees but where just under the surface the bright green new beginnings of Spring lie ready to burst forth when the time is right.

Even, outside these practices, songs, poems, plays, books and movies speak of full hearts, loving hearts, broken hearts. When we are going to have a deep and honest conversation with someone we call it a “heart to heart”. It is an emotional place for us as well as a miraculous muscle and everyone has emotional sensations where this striated, involuntary muscle resides in our bodies(unless of course they are “heartless” :)!

My heart has felt particularly full of late as I count my tremendous blessings. I feel such love for our Creator, my critters, friends, teachers and colleagues. Just like most of us, I also have “secret places” in my heart where love is like an eternal flame that just continues to burn brightly but whose secrets I only share with God.

I bow with awe before this magnificent thing called the Heart that resides in all of us, beautiful, heroic and loving!

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