Loves Comes in All Sizes, Shapes And Forms

Recently, a very wise man said to me, “Love is really everything. Everything in this Universe is Love.” I’ve been a “student of love” for most of my life ūüôā and I consider his statement to be simple and true. Everything boils down to Love. I thought about the various ways Love expresses itself.

I realized that when I’m with Serenity, the horse, she is a 1000 pounds of pure love expressing through her body and personality. By the same token, when I’m cuddling with my 8 pound tiny wisp of a kitty, Athena, she is also the expression of love in her tiny, warm, purring body and sweet emotions.

The pure love, emotion and pride captured in this photo I took of my dear “Navajo family” as the father of my “Navajo nephew” hugs his son upon his son’s graduation and preparation to leave the reservation to go to Harvard.

My 13 year old Toyota Rav 4 (120,000 miles and still going strong ) is, perhaps, an unusual shape and form of Love. But this little vehicle drove me out of the conflagration of 9/11 in New York City to safety. Then, she faithfully drove me to and fro, commuting back and forth to New York City, during a certain phase of my life, 3 hours each way with nary a mishap. She brought me down to my new home in Florida, 7 years ago. And she is, to me, like a member of my little family and I wouldn’t trade her in for a new, fancy vehicle for the world! Also, having no car payments allows me to use those resources to help out folk who might need a helping hand now and then.

photo (1)
This photo is of Danielle Petrie, ¬†just one of my beloved yoga teachers. She is poetry and inspiration in motion! She¬†amazes me¬† and loves me every day! I think about these women and men who teach us yoga with patience, love and non-judgment as they hang their personal troubles on “a hook by the door”. I am so grateful for all I have learned about my body and the spirit that resides in my body through their gentle, very loving instruction.

Also, I have begun to have girlfriends again! After a long time of being independent and career oriented I observed that all my friends were men.¬† Now, I’m adding the love of girlfriends to this equation.¬† There is Laura, a noble, beautiful and talented woman who helped me acquire my Texas land and who thinks I am wise, kind, beautiful and strong.¬† There is Danielle, pictured above, who is tender, magical and such a very real and powerful woman.¬† There is Casey, who is training me on the glorious horse, Serenity, who is a wonderful, funny, loving, beautiful woman who loves that her horse loves me and has bonded with me.¬† She generously¬†acknowledges the¬†gentler, softer difference in¬†her horse¬†since I’ve been riding her.¬† Tremendous love all around.

Of course, there are all the shapes, sizes and forms in our biological families. Here we all are at a family reunion a couple of years ago. Some in this picture are now stars in heaven shining down with love as they journey on the other side of this earth life.

I’ve been abundantly blessed to also have a family that “adopted” me. My Navajo family has shown me unconditional love and acceptance. Even though I am from a completely different world, they don’t care about that. They love me and surround me with love. My “Navajo grandmother” and “sister” pictured here have been truly like the grandmother I never knew and the sister I never had. God showed me His love when He filled in those empty, longing parts in my soul with these two loving women.

photo (2)003
There is always romantic love, of course. I’ve recently accepted the love of a wonderful, kind, honest, supportive man of integrity. Sometimes when it is so easy and so drama-free, it is hard for romantic love to feel as wildly romantic as the love we think we feel for people who perhaps really don’t love us in return. This has been one of my biggest lessons in recent times, as I was more than once pulled into an ongoing painful situation with a man that didn’t love me but wanted me in his life.¬† The fact he didn’t love me and loved someone else¬†created all sorts of unnecessary stress and sadness for both of us. In fact, I didn’t even recognize myself as I would melt down with uncontrolled and toxic emotion. It frightened me and caused me to have tremendous self-doubt. It feels just plain good to have a man in my life who loves me pretty much unconditionally.

Life has recently put people and books into my path that all have to do with Love. Reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz has been an inspiration as it gives a” how-to” for joyful love of self, others and God. He writes, ” You can be loving all the time. This is your choice. You may not have a reason to love, but you can love because to love makes you happy. Love in action only produces happiness. Love will give you inner peace. It will change your perception of everything. You can see everything with the eyes of love. You can be aware that there is love all around you. When you live this way, there is no longer a fog in your mind…Happiness is the lost paradise…This is the future of humanity.”
Love is the essence of God and our Universe.

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4 Responses to Loves Comes in All Sizes, Shapes And Forms

  1. Oh my gosh Donna, if you ONLY KNEW what a “hot mess ” I can be…ūüėĄ! But I do recognize the tremendous love that surrounds me. It’s how I kept from coming apart into a million pieces when the situation with “the one who didn’t love me” came to a head. I thought I’d not be able to breathe again. But then …Love enfolded me with a cat’s wet nose, a horse’s sigh and transcendently beautiful people (inside and out ) around me. I realized that, sometimes, perfectly lovely people can be negative for us and it is best to back away. It can be confusing. I so appreciate your unguarded comments. We are all in this confusing thing called ” life” together. Thank you again! And thank you again for your beautiful photos and words in your blogs!

  2. It is wonderful to read you having so much love and happiness in your life, and in so many different ways. I think I need to add more to my life and shed all the negative people.

  3. Gede Prama says:

    amazing and well presented, greetings peace be with you ūüôā

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