” Be Careful Of The Careful Souls Who Doubt You Along The way” — The Band Perry


Recently, I had the privilege of hearing The Band Perry sing the song “Pioneer” from which this title is extracted, at a music festival here in South Florida.

The Band Perry - lyrics

I smiled from ear to ear, remembering how the dear friend who introduced me to this song, was also my cheerleader as I began putting the pieces of my life’s passion together. He said this song reminded him of me. And somehow, just his saying that helped me “grow into” the beginning of putting the pieces together to develop my life’s passion.

The opening words of the song spoke to how willing I am to be led and to lead in order to accomplish my dream of creating a sanctuary for humans and animals who are rejected, hurt or neglected to come together for mutual healing and health.

Oh Pioneer, I sing your song. It’s the hymn of those who’ve gone before and those who carry on. Pioneer, Your work is hard. But the future of us all rests on the shoulders of your heart.

Where are we going. Oh I don’t know. But still I’ve got to go. What will become of us? Oh I don’t care. All I know is I’ll go anywhere Pioneer…”

The next verse reminded me that I am not going to be leading nor ever have led a normal sort of life. I was, as described in previous posts, sort of left on my own at an early age…an “orphaned child”…to figure life out by myself. But that gave me strength and an openness to adventure and all things of the wild:

“…Pioneer, You orphaned child. Your mother is adventure and your father is the wild…”

Then came the phrase that gave me much to consider:

“…Oh Pioneer. So young and brave. Be careful of the careful souls who doubt you along the way …”

Who are these careful souls? Are they those family, lovers and friends who surround us? You know…the ones that tell us to “be realistic”. The ones who ask, “Is that really practical? What’s your plan?” Sometimes this is asked before we’ve even finished describing our dream to them. I call these folk “dream stealers”. They are often wonderful, well-meaning people in our lives who want the very best for us and are “careful souls”, the non-dreamers, who want to be sure we don’t get into financial trouble or take on more than they think we are capable of handling. They “doubt” that we can rise to the challenge, dig in our heels, put our heads into the wind and create the dream we’ve just articulated. Be, therefore, careful of these. They do it out of love…but…

Then again, we all have our own internal “careful souls” that doubt us along the way. The voices in our head saying: we’re not talented enough, not smart enough, not knowledgeable enough… we’ll never make it as a…singer, dancer, writer, photographer, actor, scientist, lawyer, doctor, ranch owner…you name it. We think of our “must dos” rather than our “want to dos”. How do we deal with the inner careful, doubting soul?

Here again, the lyrics of this song give some clues:

“…I won’t run when bullets chase me. I won’t rest where arms embrace me. I will love when people hate me. I won’t hush, no you can’t make me. Send the dark but it won’t break me. You can try but you can’t change me. Take my life, they will replace me. I won’t hush, no you can’t make me. I won’t hush…”

It’s tough not to know the future. It’s tough not to re-create the lives we’ve always known like old shoes in comfortable, outworn molds. It’s especially tough to trust and know that if there is something we love and MUST do that, eventually, we might get kind of good at it. Even if right now we are still “works in progress”.

I have certainly encountered this recently, as part of my dream has involved horses and I’m not someone who has grown up with them. I have SO much to learn. But each piece of this learning has been fascinating and a joy. In fact, it’s been more fun and more wonderful than I could have imagined! Am I outside my comfort zone? Yes!!!! Might I end up without a comfy home, a boyfriend, worldly goods, a secure retirement? Yes and yes!!! But the careful souls both inside and outside of me have had their say and now… I’m having mine!!

“…Where are we going. Oh I don’t know. But still I’ve got to go. What will become of us? Oh I don’t care. All I know is I’ll go anywhere Pioneer…”

“Let your heart not be troubled”025


p.s. Thanks, Cowboy!

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2 Responses to ” Be Careful Of The Careful Souls Who Doubt You Along The way” — The Band Perry

  1. Very nice post Christine. The lyrics gave much to think about. I think I agree that the internal doubters are the worst and hardest to avoid. I just don’t listen and they finally shut up! I did grow up with horses and was surprised you didn’t. They bring so much joy and are great “friends” – they seem to really understand.

    • Yes! I like that! Ignore them until they shut up…finally😀! I agree with everything you say about horses! I am now horse crazy and making up for lost time. I thank God for everything they are and do and give to us .

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