The Four Wishes



I recently made a new friend from Croatia.  She endured the war, made her way to America and is grateful and happy in her new homeland.  As she told me stories of her youth, however, there is one thing she misses.  Each year, at Christmas, her village would erect a Christmas tree in the center of town and each person would hang a written wish upon that tree.

She has created an ersatz wishing tree on the balcony of her home in Coral Springs, FL from a potted palm tree. Last year she wrote down four wishes which she hung upon it.  Three of them have already come true and the fourth is well on the way to manifesting itself.

So I decided that I would enjoy this tradition this year with my own wishing tree.  I am choosing a tree that I planted on my land in the Appalachian mountains that had been my Christmas Tree a few years back.  I like to get a “living” tree each year in order to be able to replant it after Christmas is over.  I know, I know, it may seem redundant to plant a pine tree where I live… in a pine forest :). But I like to think that these trees I plant will each hold the laughter, the conversations enjoyed, the tears wept, the secrets shared and the songs I’ve sung to the mountains.  Perhaps, after I am long gone, someone with the sensitivity to listen will hear what these trees store in them.  Hopefully, since I’ve also planted three apple trees and ten blueberry bushes, they will also be munching on the delicious fruit that will also be left behind.


In making my four wishes for 2015, I plumbed the deepest chambers of my heart and thus these four wishes shall remain private.  I will say, however, that the process can be surprisingly revealing and illuminate some parts of the heart that are often shrouded. Try it and you’ll see 🙂

I will, though, make four public wishes for 2015 on this page, in part to keep myself accountable when I revisit them throughout the year 🙂

1. I wish to think, act  and speak with utmost integrity.  No shortcuts, no rationalizing, no equivocating.

2.  I wish to proceed even more fearlessly on the path towards my calling which includes rescuing horses and putting humans and horses together for mutual love, communication and healing.  Fearlessly means not worrying about how I will organize it, finance it, or where it will ultimately take place. Fearless means to continue to be led and walk in faith as I have this past year.

3.  I wish to listen more and certainly speak a bit less 🙂

4.  I wish to laugh more, cry when I need to, but to let the laughter be more frequent than the tears.

The pictures at the beginning of this post are photos of my planted tree with my four private wishes.

The picture below is of the tree currently brightening my living room  symbolizing my public promises.


In this, my last post of 2014, I wish one more thing.  May your lives be joyous, your sorrows be comforted, your health be abundant and may you keep inspiring me as you have done this past year!

001 greeting (1)

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6 Responses to The Four Wishes

  1. What a wonderful tradition, thank you for sharing it. I think next year I’ll make a wishing tree with my girls. Happy New Year!

  2. montucky says:

    Merry Christmas, Christine!

  3. Thank you!!!!! Trust me, my private wishes were not perhaps as “altruistic” 🙂 as the public wishes, but I pray each wish leads to good outcomes for me AND others, including beloved critters 🙂 May your holiday season be blessed 🙂

  4. alesiablogs says:

    beautifully written..I like your public wishes also!

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