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The Heart

The Heart has been a large theme in my life lately. There are definitely adventures of the heart to explore! The Heart is really quite astounding when one considers the definition: a “hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the … Continue reading

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As I begin training yet another class of new hires for our company, I have been looking back at the teaching and “being- taught” experiences that I have had in this life. I have begun to ask myself, what does … Continue reading

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For Me, The Key To Happiness is…Gratitude

As I awoke to this glorious sunrise over the ocean my heart swelled with thanksgiving as it does each morning at sunrise. As the day gets going, however, sometimes I’m going at such a high speed that my grateful heart … Continue reading

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How Tree Told Me His Story

The Story of Tree will be available on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing by early next week.  I know some authors look down their noses at e-publishing but I don’t 🙂  Besides, I don’t consider myself “an author”.  I think … Continue reading

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